What’s New About Love? – Movie Illustrations

My time in Rosa Filmes was marked by the conception and creation of several advertising campaigns for two movies of the producer that debuted in the portuguese cinema in 2012. In the develpment of these advertising campaigns were created many posters, illustrations, photographies, invitations and other graphic material to promote both movies. One of them, called “O que há de novo no amor” (“What’s new about love?”) had six different directors, all of them recently graduated by the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. Each one of the directors would be responsible for a movie segment (one per main character), making sure that each one was connected somehow, to create one unique piece, instead of six.
The main goal for the promotion of the movie would be to create a fresh, young and dynamic image, sometimes through several posters, each one representing one segment of the movie, and all of them unifying at the end.

Altogether were created almost one hundred proposals with several studies and solutions, many times recourring to illustrations that were made from frames of the movie.


Creative Direction: Pedro Fernandes Duarte & Joaquim Sapinho | Graphic Design: Paulo Graça | ©rosa filmes, 2012