This Side of Resurrection – Tiff Movie Posters

One of my favourite challenges in Rosa Filmes was the creation of the posters for the global debut of the movie Deste Lado da Ressurreição (From this side of the resurrection), of Joaquim Sapinho. These posters would be promoted as teasers at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The movie is a big essay about the searching for faith. Its main role, Rafael (performed by Pedro Sousa), represents a young man who practices surf in Guincho beach, as if he wanted to die. But surf doesn’t interest him anymore. Just the sky. As if he searched for the sky inside the water. This way, he can walk over the water, practicing a constant exercise that makes him feel closer to the sky.

This way, the creation of the movie poster had to demonstrate lightness (and many times the suffocation) of a surfer who walks upon the mirror of his own sky in the search of his own faith.

Creative Direction: Pedro Fernandes Duarte & Joaquim Sapinho | Graphic Design: Paulo Graça | ©rosa filmes, 2012