Paulo Graça

There are men who are artists. And there are artists who are men. Human men, not only of matter, but essentially of soul. The talent of this artist and this man, is not at all the size of its height or soul. Both overflow of matter and take form in the work that he makes with passion, fervor and appetite of perfection.

Anyone who sees him, will say perhaps that he lives abstracted from the real world. And what is the real world? The reality is what we want and what we believe. And this artist creates his own reality and gives us the gift of transporting us into his reality. A melancholic, nostalgic reality. Somewhat dark, but always with clear light hints that don’t blind us and don’t let us get lost. He show us a raw world. Without great costumes. Only escape daydreams to a imposed reality…


Daniela Diniz


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